Monday, July 30, 2007

My Walk to School

Everyday, I leave my house around 8:15 to walk to school. I don’t have to be there until 9, but I go a little early to look notes from the day before, and to have a leisurely walk, and a cup of coffee. I walk out of my apartment door, and take the back road through Piazza San Petro Maggiore. This is the area where I do much of my shopping, and where one of my favorite restaurants, I Ghibellini is located.

As I turn the corner out of my apartment, there is Vivoli Gelateria, which is said to have the best gelato in all of Italy by the guidebooks. Judging by the crowds that flock there night and day, I would say it is true. Next down the street is a Greek Orthodox church, a latteria (milk and cheese shop) and the Ailmentari (sort of like a deli). As you get to the piazza, there is the restaurant with a nice covered outside eating area, and across the way, the fruit and vegetable vendor which sets up an outside stand of fresh fruit and vegetables every morning. There is a macelleria (meat shop) and a Pesceria (fish shop) and Il Forno (bakery). Imagine the smells from all of these places every morning! Some nice, some not so much.

After I leave the piazza and turn left towards school, I have a beautiful view of the duomo, and everyday I think how lucky I am to be here as I walk down the quiet street. After 10:00, the street becomes busy with tourists and cars, but my walk to school is the perfect start to the day. Oh, and can you believe that in 4 months, I haven’t had to walk to school in the rain!

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