Thursday, July 12, 2007

Odeon-al Cinema

Behind the Piazza della Republica, and the Strozzi Palace, there is a theater called the Odeon. The theater is very old, although I don’t know how old, and is used for movies, and other theatrical events such as plays, symphonies, etc. It is in the old style with beautiful balconies, velvet curtains and plush velvet seats.

Occasionally, they show movies in the original language, some of those being English, with Italian subtitles. I LOVE this! At this point in my learning, it is so helpful to hear the English words spoken and to read the Italian translation.

The movies are shown 3 times per day, although not every day of the week. You have to pay special attention to find out when they are playing. It is an excellent way to spend a hot afternoon, because there is air conditioning, and they also have popcorn!

Italian movie theaters have an intermission during the movie which is strange, but nice. A good time to take a bathroom break and get something else to eat. So far I have seen: Death of a President-this was an excellent movie in my opinion. I heard about it in the states, but don’t think it was widely released if at all, since it deals with the fictional assassination of George Bush. I don’t really understand why it was banned because, really it treated George with much more respect than he deserves (my opinion again!) I saw Ocean’s Thirteen, and Running With Scissors, and most recently Breakfast on Pluto.

I don’t think if you are on vacation in Florence that you are likely to visit the Odeon, because there are so many other things to do. But, if there is an opportunity, it is a real experience!

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