Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Return to the USA

I made a somewhat sudden decision to return to the US. It is difficult to concentrate on living a charmed life when you are wracked by guilt because someone you love is having a rough time. All I could think about for weeks was that I should be there to do something about it, make it better, fix it, change it, make it go away. Of course, I don’t have the power to do any of those things, (dammit) but somehow I thought that if I was in closer proximity, it would help. What I really wanted was to make a statement to this person of how important they are to me, and that I am willing to sacrifice some of my precious time in Italy to provide support, love, caring, a shoulder to cry on, or whatever is within my power to give.

At the point that we had the final word that she would not be able to visit me in Italy, I booked a flight and headed out. The week went quickly, and I am so glad that I returned for the visit. It was a surreal experience on many fronts, the details of which will surface in other postings I am certain.

I wish I could have seen everyone, but really devoted my time to the purpose for my return. So, if you know I was there, but didn’t get to visit, my apologies. I guess this is one of the consequences for my decision to be in Italy this year. I knew there would be prices to pay, and they are surfacing all of the time. As you may have noticed, I didn't take my computer, or post any blogs. I am back now, and boy do I have a lot to say......................................

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