Monday, July 16, 2007

Timing is Everything

I have incredible timing. It swings from being the absolute worst to the absolute best at times, bordering on extremes, much like the rest of my personality. I had visitors this weekend, Erik and Larry. They were to arrive at 9:15 a.m. on Friday while I was in school. I had told them I would be in school until 1, and to call me whenever they felt like it on Friday afternoon/evening.

I went to school, came home and reviewed my email, wrote some stories for my blog, posted a story, ate lunch and took a nap (my usual afternoon activities), and then got ready to go out for the evening. It was a little earlier than usual for me (5:30 p.m.) But I was excited about seeing Larry and Erik. I knew they would be calling at any time, so I decided to go to the Rinascente to have a glass of wine while I was waiting.

I walked my usual path towards Piazza della Signoria, which is not the most direct route since the Rinascente is in Piazza della Republica, but I get to see the Neptune that way, and if any of my friends are around, chat with them before getting into the piazza.

This path takes me along the route directly in front of The Bernini were Larry and Erik were staying, and as I approached, I thought that maybe I would pop in and call them on the house phone. I decided against it, because the first day arriving on an international flight can be tough. Sometimes you just want to sleep and others you want to be out and about. Not knowing if they arrived on time, what their flight was like, or how they were feeling, I decided to just stick to the original plan, and let them call me.

Just as I was crossing the street, I heard a voice....."Karen! Karen!" I searched the crowded street of tourists for the voice, and there they were! Larry and Erik, designer shopping bags in hand!

Erik said that he had been watching for me on the streets while they shopped and was surprised when he saw me. Another data point for the size of Florence! We dropped off their shopping bags, and all headed to the Rinascente. What a great start to the visit!

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