Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Connie's Birthday

During my visit to Nashville, Connie had a birthday. In February, Michele, Erika, Connie, and I celebrated Erika’s birthday’s in New York City and then just before I left we celebrated Michele’s birthday (photos of both on prior blogs). So, it was great for us all to be together in Nashville to celebrate Connie’s. This was a more "tame" celebration than those birthday celebrations of the past, but what a lot of catching up we had to do!

Amazing what things have changed and happened to us all in that time! I won't go into the details here....but it would make a good book! Last year, Michele was not with us on Connie’s birthday, but Erika, Connie and I had a night on the town which included meeting a famous Nashville DJ and a not so famous geologist from Kentucky. We ended the evening (the next morning)at Waffle House, if that tells you anything! This year, we had a nice quiet dinner, cocktails and nice bottles of wine. Good food, good drinks, and great company make a birthday special. Happy Birthday Connie!

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