Thursday, September 6, 2007

Autumn "Blew" In

September came and Fall is here. I went to school on Monday morning, and realized that in the U.S. it was Labor Day. Italians celebrate Labor Day in May, and this Monday was no holiday. In fact, it seemed busier than usual, since most of the businesses that closed in August for vacation, reopened this day.

It was cloudy and warm when I went to school, but just as class started, a thunderstorm blew in. We had to turn on extra lights in the classroom, because the sky became so dark, and close the windows, because the wind was hard and cold. It rained for 2 hours, and when class was over, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and there was a "nip" in the air.

Summer was wonderful here, with only one week of high humidity and real heat. I used my air conditioner 5 days all together. The evenings never got above 70. Now it seems that Autumn is here, and the air in the morning and evenings is crisp and brisk. Walking to school is exhilarating for different reasons, and the chill in the air brings out even more public displays of affection in the evenings.

The "harvest moon" also made an appearance.

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