Friday, September 14, 2007

Ireland to Italy

The last time I saw Robert and Lisa together was about 3 years ago when we all took a pub tour in Ireland at Thanksgiving. What a fantastic time, flying into Galway, taking a bus all over Ireland and into Dublin. We must have hit 30 pubs, and have pictures of us drinking in all of them!

Now they are visiting me in Italy, and we are gathering more photos of us drinking together! This is their first trip to Italy, and I can tell they are falling in love with it already. Roberts father’s family is from Italy, so it already holds a place in his heart.

When they arrived, I of course, entered my manic phase of wanting to show them everything on the first day. We walked around town, and got a feel for it, had some wine, and dinner, and listened to some music. On Sunday, we visited the Piazzale Michelangelo, Santo Spirito Mercato, sat on the Ponte Santa Trinita, (of course), and drank a few bottles of wine at lunch, dinner, in between, and while listening to music that evening on the Ponte Vecchio.

This week while I am in school, they will be visiting the sights, and I will meet them in the afternoon for the "behind the scene" stuff and dinner.

Robert and Lisa live in Cleveland, and with my return to Progressive, there is a possibility that I will end of there also. Robert and Lisa have assured me that Cleveland is just like Florence, and that I will fit in well there.

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