Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Guitar Club

While Robert and Lisa were visiting, we visited a local guitar club that is very near my house. I had passed this club often, but had not gone in. The club is down some stairs, and from the street, it is unclear what is in there, or exactly what it was like. I was a little intimidated to go in alone, and this provided the perfect opportunity.

The club opens around 9:30 and always has music playing loudly which attracts the attention of passers by. When we arrived, Jim Croce was playing, and we had wonderful nostalgic flashbacks of teenage angst while we sang along loudly to "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Operator, and Time In A Bottle". We had a bottle of wine, of course, and some "hors d’ oeuvres" prepared by the owner, consisting of an olive mixture and slices of salami.

The club is the cellar of a building with rough hewn stones, a concrete floor, and rounded brick ceiling. There are primitive wooden tables and chairs, and it is dimly lit, with candles on the table. It smells musty like a cellar and is full of atmosphere. There was a small stage, with a single guitar sitting on it and a chair, and posters of the owner around the place. The owner was also the guitar player, at least on this night!

By 10:30 or 11, a few more people had joined the group, and the music started at 11:30 Sadly, we left shortly after the music started, but were happy with the experience overall. I know now that if I want, I can stop by the guitar club on my way home, have a glass of wine, listen to some music, and maybe even some more Jim Croce!

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