Friday, April 27, 2007

Fountains in Florence

Florence has its share of fountains like every other Italian city. My favorite here is the Neptune Fountain on Piazza della Signoria. Unfortunately, the weather here has been so beautiful, with no rain that there is the danger of a drought now, so the fountains are turned off! They are still very beautiful and lit up at night.

The fountains in Florence are modest compared to other Italian cities, particularly Rome, where my favorite, The Trevi Fountain is located. I will be traveling to Rome in a couple of weeks to meet Amy, and will definitely visit the Trevi Fountain.

Here are some photos of the ones in Florence.

The brass wild boar in the photo is located in Mercato Nuovo, It is called Il Porcellino. It is a 17th century copy of a statute in the Uffizi. Notice that the nose is very shiny compared to the rest of the body. That is because of the superstition that any visitor who rubs it will return to Florence some day. Laugh if you want, but it worked for me!

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