Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Italian Men.................

Once when I was vacationing in Italy......I think it was last Fall, Doug Gray asked me what was attractive about Italian men. At the time, I couldn't quantify or explain it, but I have been paying more attention, so that I can answer that question now. Granted, the sample size is not valid (contrary to what some of you think!) and I am speaking in generalities based on my own experiences, but here are the answers.
For my family members who are reading, please censor accordingly for my nieces and nephews!

1. Italian men are more demonstrative-in the way they speak and listen, and use their hands (that joke about "Roman hands" was not written for nothing!)

2. Italian men dress nicely even when they are casual. The polo shirt has not disgraced Europe yet

3. Italian men wear nice shoes-all leather, all the time-no tennis shoes, except for playing soccer
4. Italian men know about and enjoy wine

5. Italian men will chose wine over beer almost every time. (Even with pizza)

6. Italian men know about and enjoy art

7. Italian men know about and enjoy classical music and opera

8. Italian men speak Italian.

9. When Italian men speak English they have a beautiful Italian accent.

10. Italian men appreciate age and experience.

11. Italian men are not intimidated by American women.

12. Guns are not Italian men's best friend and favorite toy.

13. Italian men don’t "go huntin and fishin’"

14. Italian men only like soccer as a sport. One sport, one season. YEAH!

15. Italian men like women with big asses! What luck. (And isn’t it ironic to that I am losing mine now?)

16. Italian men like to leave the lights on.

17. Italian men like to cook.
18. Italian men have fabulous names. Here are some that I know so far: Bruno, Raffaele, Francesco, Enrico, Luca, Marco, Luciano, Andrea.



Anonymous said...

No real man would choose wine over beer. Also, Mt. Julian's have an awesome acce-ant! Good to see you are having a blast!


Anonymous said...

How about a little tit for tat?

1. Tennessee men use their hands alot too - especially when they have to count.
2. Tennessee men don't need no shirts, polo or otherwise, to dress nicely. Unless they're going to Shoney's and then they have to put one on.
3. When you have little feet, you can afford leather shoes.
4. Tennessee men know that wine will stain your polo shirt, if you have to wear one to get into Shoney's buffet.
5. Tennessee men choose wine over beer when it's closer to the top of the cooler.
6. Art Linkletter has been dead for years!
7. Who cares.
8. Yeah, but can they spit through the gap in their front teeth?
9. Oh, gee, I would have thought they would have a Hungarian accent.
10. I won't go there.
11. That's their hangup. American women love to intimidate and Tennessee men love to accommodate American women.
12. Yeah, but their favorite toy takes 2 AA batteries and a gun doesn't.
13. They would if they could pronounce "g"s at the end of their lovely Italian accents.
14. Soccer is best left to 12 year olds in momma's minivan. Tennessee men like to fill each season with a sport - in between the huntin' and fishin'.
15. I'm starting to believe that Italian men are big asses.
16. Yeah, so they can find it.
17. When do they have time to cook between the soccer, the wine, the art, and opera???
18. They can't hold a candle to Bubba, Jimbo, Big Ed, Squirrely, and Slim.

Karen said...

Now that's the kind of feedback I like!!!!!! Thanks Doug!