Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pedestrian Road Rage

Italians are very fun loving, easy going people with minimal space requirements. I think that is a function of the way they live. Space is at a premium in the city, and having a lot of space is expensive, so most people don’t. If you see a group of Italians standing in line.....well, there isn’t one. They just kind of group together. They do respect "taking turns", but apparently don’t see the need to be in an organized line to do so. Public transportation is crowded, so you are side by side. Americans personal space needs are much broader, and I see a lot of American tourist become very uncomfortable in situations were a lot of people are standing, walking, etc.

I bring all this up, because of my own personal problem, that I have not yet been able to overcome, and in fact it gets worse by the day......pedestrian road rage. As you know, I walk everywhere. At certain times of the day, I am walking with a purpose: get to school, get home from school for lunch, go to the market, etc. During these times, the tourists who stroll along the sidewalks, or even worse, who stand on the street corners with gelato in hand gaping at a church, fountain, tower, statue, or whatever drive me NUTS!

I have asked Italian people who I have met what they think about these tourists and how they block the sidewalks and streets, and they laugh and say that without the tourists there would be no jobs! What a great attitude! This road rage of mine is a part of my American aggression and type A personality that I am trying to lose. Wish me luck!

Just so you know the extent of what I am talking about, I included a photo....

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