Friday, April 13, 2007

Hair Italiano Style!

Michele's Bday-Hair by Lisa Before-Hair by Lisa

After-Hair by Simone

Thanks to Lisa (everyone who is anyone’s hairstylist in Nashville) who hooked me up with a Redken stylist in Florence. His name is Simone, and he is molto bello! The salon is very modern, and there are only male stylists. It is set up pretty much the same as American shops and the equipment and products in this salon are familiar to me.

Simone cut my hair dry, which was a different technique than usual. The first appointment I made, there was a communication error, so I only got it cut and not colored. I had to make another appointment to go back, as Simone did not have enough time on that day. Will took the before picture, but I had to take the after since Will had already gone. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself? Try it sometime!

The cut is similar although shorter and more blunt in the back, and more layered on the sides, with a short top. (The same only different!) The color is redder, with red highlights vs. blonde. Since I am outside so much, my hair lightens up very quickly! There aren’t many redheads in Italy, so I get a lot of attention. You know how I hate that!

Here are the before and after shots. Can you believe how long my hair was? Let me know what you think. Ciao!

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