Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Animals in Florence

I miss animals. Especially my cats. There are a lot of dogs in Florence. Seems that everyone has one and they are all shapes and sizes. Even some of the folks sitting on the street, cup in hand asking for money use their dogs as a sympathy ploy for people to give to them.

Regine saw some cats one day below the Ponte Gratzie and took me to look at them. There are many birds along the river, swallows, gulls, and herons. There is one mostly white cat, and one mostly black. They stare curiously up at the people looking over, but are unconcerned, and well protected. Their coats are shiny, and they look healthy. Apparently there is plenty of fish, birds, and sunshine to keep them happy! In addition, while we were there a man came and fed them a can of cat food, and a half pound of ground meat!

We also saw some beavers! At least I guess they are beavers, or maybe muskrats. Regine calls them bibo, which is the German word for beavers. Their tail is not like North American beavers, it is more long and slender like a rat. I took some photos, so you can tell me what type of animal it is.

Last week when Regine and I were at a festival, we saw many birds for sale. There were doves, canaries, parakeets, etc. There was also a booth with kittens and puppies, and I had to stay totally away from that. There were also rabbits. Since I live in the city, there is not much opportunity to see wild life, and the domestic animals on the street are moving with purpose as their owners march them through town baggies in hand to clean up their messes.

I have thought often about getting a cat here, but the thought of leaving it when I return is too much, and the travel to bring the cat back to the USA, plus the requirements they have ridiculous. So.....I will just visit the cats under the bridge for now.

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