Monday, June 25, 2007

Mexico, Italian Style

Last night I had my first non Italian meal in almost 4 months! It was at a Mexican restaurant called Tijuana. Some friends from school, 2 Mexican and 2 Swiss and I went there for dinner, and it was fabulous, and almost authentic! I truly love Italian food, but what a nice change.

The decor was Mexican, and the ladies from Mexico gave their stamp of approval on the decor and the food. The margaritas were delicious, but you can hardly go wrong there, right? I had fajitas, and they even had sour cream! I swear I have searched the city over for sour cream and have not found it until now. It was all I could do not to just eat it with a spoon!

They were out of guacamole, but I suspect it is just too expensive to make it, and there is probably not a huge demand. One avocado in the supermarket costs 4.50 euro ($6.00)!
The only place where the food was slightly different was that the vegetables for the fajitas were sauteed in olive oil. They were delicious, but didn’t have quiet the same flavor as those sizzling ones that come on the skillet. I don’t think that Italians know that there is any other type of oil to cook with, and even if they did, I am not sure they would use it. It suites me just fine!

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