Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Top Of The Rinascente

The Rinascente is a large department store in Florence. There are only three, Rinascente, Coin, and Oviese. These stores are small compared to department stores in the US. Small in size, and in inventory, as are most stores in Italy. Because of the limited space, it is interesting to see how they handle their inventory. The do not put every size and every color of every garment on the racks. Anyway, that’s not what this is about.

The Rinascente is located in the heart of Piazza della Republica, and is 5 stories high. On the top of the roof is a nice little bar that serves drinks. I like to go there in the late afternoon when the sun is starting to set, and the breezes start to blow, and look down into the piazza. From this view, you can see the rooftops of Florence and the hills of Tuscany. Below is the view of the Piazza where I can spy on the men are usually out talking to the women tourists.

If you come to Florence, let’s plan on having a glass of wine there, for a "birds eye" view of the piazza!

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Tara Parker said...

You are becoming quite the photographer!!! Oh how I miss Firenze!!!