Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Luciano's Last Chance

If you are not familiar with Luciano, see my prior entry titled Talking With Luciano in early May.

Okay, so last time I saw Luciano, in early May, I told him I was not going to see him anymore because he could not keep his hands off of me. Additionally, all he wanted to talk about was kissing me. I like talking to Luciano because he is patient with my Italian, unlike many other people. Maybe that is because he thought eventually I would give in an kiss him!

Luciano has called me every other day since the first of May to ask me to see him. I always say no, and I always tell him not to call again. He asks why and I say because I don’t want you to touch me or kiss me, and he says he won’t, we will just be friends and talk. Of course, I don’t believe him, because, guess what? I’ve been told that before.

Our phone conversations have actually gotten longer since my Italian has improved, and he commented on how much better I was speaking the other day. Because there are not a lot of people outside of school that I can have conversations with, I am desperate to speak with someone in Italian. So desperate in fact that I decided to give Luciano one last chance.

He called me last week, and I told him I would meet him on Saturday. We arranged out meeting place in Santa Croce at the Dante Alighieri statue.

It was hot that day, and there was a craft market in the Piazza. I decided to look around in the market for a while, and a little before our scheduled meeting time, I ran into Luciano.

We said hello, and true to his word, he did not touch me or kiss me! Not even kisses on the cheek which is the traditional Italian salute! Things were off to a great start.

The sun is hot now in Florence, so we started walking to the park to find a place in the shade to sit and talk. We walked for about 20 minutes, talking the entire time in Italian, and I was so happy, because I thought this was going to work out! I hadn’t even had to use my dictionary yet.

We got to the park and found a bench in the shade and sat down. The park is public and it was a Saturday, and it was crowded. We had not been seated 5 minutes when Luciano turned the conversation towards kissing me. I am certain he saw my anger and exasperation when I stood and said, "Sono vado a casa mia! Non chiamarmi, di nuovo!"

I don’t know who is more stupid.......me for giving him another chance, or him for trying it again!

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