Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have changed in the year I have been here, in many, many ways. I think that most of them are positive, and here are some of them:

1. Gained confidence (Oh God, just what I needed)
2. Learned to speak Italian (and a little Arabic)
3. Experienced a new culture (or 2)
4. Gained knowledge about the Renaissance and its impact on the world
5. Experienced Socialism first hand
6. Viewed the U.S.A. from an outsiders view
7. Learned how some others view the U.S.A. and why
8. Became a Night Owl
9. Prefer sparkling water
10. Prefer oil and vinegar to any other salad dressing
11. Prefer espresso to coffee
12. Lost weight
13. Learned the value of exercise
14. Learned the value of living “stress free”
15. Learned the value, or should I say “lack of” of having “stuff”
16. Became more ecologically aware
17. Learned I can live with a minimal number of shoes (As long as they are Italian leather)
18. Lived without cats, but learned I don’t like it.
19. I talk to strangers
20. Made peace with myself

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