Saturday, November 10, 2007

Internet Train

The Internet Train is a chain of “Internet cafes”. Thankfully, there is one close to me, and they aren’t very expense. For about 4 euro an hour, you can use the Internet. Printing services, faxing and other services are available for additional fees.

For the past 2 weeks, my telephone, as well as the Internet in my apartment have been down. Boy, do I feel isolated! I have a cell phone, which is how I communicate with my friends in Italy. To call the U.S. on my cell it costs 50 cents per minute, so is a little expensive. Others can call me, and it is free for me then, but calling an Italian cell phone, is expensive even when using a calling card.

Phone service is available at the Internet Train also for 20 cents per minute, but it is not an ideal situation. There are also public phones where you can use credit or calling cards, but the streets of Florence are so loud, it is not an ideal situation.

These Internet Trains are a life saver though and give lots of people access to Internet who wouldn’t have it otherwise. For me, when I first got here and my service wasn’t connected yet, and now, it has been a “link” to my other world.

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