Friday, November 16, 2007

My Guilty Pleasure

I smoke cigars. I have resisted this since I came to Italy, not wanting to get “addicted”. My cigar smoking is contained to a few outings per year with too many martinis, and a headache the next day that I always blame on the cigars.

In Italy, they sell Cuban cigars. The smoking laws in Italy resemble those of the U.S. although there are no “smoking sections” in restaurants. Everything inside is non-smoking. The outside cafes and terraces allow smoking, and so, they are full of smokers.

I saw these cuban cigars early on when I got here, but as I said, showed incredible restraint. About 3 weeks ago, I bought my first pack of Monte Cristo 10 pack Cigars, and they are outstanding. One pack lasted me over a week, and I only indulged in about 1 per day.

Recently I switched to the 20 pack, which have smaller cigars, but am now up to 2-3 a day. Maybe it’s just my nerves about leaving, finding a job, coming back to the U.S. working again and all that. I plan to give it up soon! I promise.

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