Monday, November 19, 2007

What About The Tomatoes?

From the time I got here, I have raved about the tomatoes. At the end of February when I arrived, I was surprised to find such beautiful, tasty red, juicy tomatoes, like the kind my Dad gets in his garden, but only in July and August. Even though we have a large country in the USA, and ship produce from the southern most areas in the winter, it cannot hold a candle to what I have found here.

Maybe, this is one of the best benefits of being a small Mediterranean country. Tomatoes can’t grow all winter in the Northern part of Italy, but they can in the South, and the Southern part of Italy, is not that far away. The tomatoes are juicy and sweet, and the skins are thin and delicious. Not the tough, pulpy inside, hard things that you find in US supermarkets.

Now it is late November, and I am still eating these wonderful tomatoes.

Recently I started to think about what things I will miss when I return. While the list is long, tomatoes are somewhere near the top!

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