Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paying the Rent

Every month, Tania, the woman from the rental agency comes by to read my meters and collect the rent. Tania is a 30 something Polish woman, and I have dealt with her on my apartment from the beginning when I located it on the internet.

Tania speaks English pretty well, and advised me about a few apartments that I was considering on her agencies website.

The first day I arrived in Florence, Tania was to meet me at the apartment with the keys, when I called from the airport to tell her I had arrived. Remember in one of my first blogs how scared I was about her not showing up, and maybe I wouldn’t like the apartment? Well, of course she was there on time, helped me with my luggage up the many stairs, told me all about the neighborhood and where to shop, etc., and has become a great friend.

Tania’s husband had cancer and he died in May. He was very young, but Tania said that he was tired of the treatments and so decided not to take them anymore.

Tania rides a scooter, and is tall, beautiful, and independent. She is also a professional. A few things have happened at the apartment (the bathtub incident, blown fuse, construction, DSL line not working, and phone problems) All I have to do is call Tania, and she gets it resolved right away.

When I pay my rent, it must be in cash, so it requires a few trips to the Bancomat in the preceding days to gather enough money. Tania reads the gas, water, and electric meters, and calculates what I owe. I enjoy this once a month encounter so much more than writing a mortgage check!

What I am not enjoying is the constant road work that goes on. There was apparently a gas leak about a month ago, and since then they have been digging up the entire street! Not only is it noisy, but now my phone and internet don't work. Think there is a connection?

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