Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sign, Sign Everywhere A Sign

“Sign, sign everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind...”. Remember that song?

I believe in signs. There are things people say, things that happen, things that don’t, that will point you in the direction of the “right” decision, if you pay attention. It is important not to make the decision first, and then look for signs that support that decision. Sometimes the decision is a surprise and is a long time coming, and goes against everything you thought it should be, but there it is.

I know I sound like the child of the 70's that I am, but looking for and paying attention to signs has been successful for me. Recently the signs that I have gotten have frightened, me beyond belief and I am resisting them, but I know I can’t. I have to wait for the clarity to come.

Surely you are wondering what the hell all this means, and that I have lost my mind. I will explain it over drinks soon.

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Paul Excellent Mills said...

I remember that song! It's Tesla! Hell yeah! Woo Hoo!