Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shopping for Souvenirs

How do you buy souvenirs that will commemorate one of the most memorable, meaningful, blissful, educational, dream-like years of your life?

I didn’t shop much this year in Florence, having gone through the “purging” of all my “stuff” to get here, which was a traumatic experience. I really was not in the “mood” to buy more “stuff”. Besides, what could I possibly need? I had brought a lot of clothes (which did end up being a problem because of my weight loss) and lived in a fully furnished apartment.

As my time here is ending, I am thinking of a few special things to buy. I already bought the two most beautiful leather coats in Florence. One is black leather and you can see it on some of the recent photos posted on the blogs. The other is red suede, and while I thought of taking photos, I decided against it, because it really wouldn’t be done justice. You will have to wait and see me sweep into a room looking like Cruella Deville!

I of course bought wine, and had 2 cases shipped back. I must have a statue of David, and a painting from a local artist. All in all, my blog and my photos and the feeling in my soul are really enough. Don’t you think?

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