Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art in Florence

Religious Fresco
Art in my apartment-acrylic
Art in my apartment-charcoal
Art in my apartment-watercolor

Sidewalk artist

I guess that everyone in the world knows that Florence houses some of the worlds most fabulous art collections. Florence is credited with the Birth of the Italian Renaissance and it is evident everywhere. I am not talking about just the things that are obvious: The Uffizi Gallery, The Bargello, The Pitti Palace, Palazzo Strozzi, , and I could go on for days with other museums and galleries. I am talking about the stuff that you see walking around town that can just blow your mind.

Renaissance art and medieval art consists of religious works that really, content wise, are not my cup of tea. What is amazing however, is that they have been around for 500 + years!

Being in Florence is inspirational and intimidating for the creative soul. The architecture, frescoes, statutes etc are an inspiration, the fact that the works were done by Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael (I am not talking about the Ninja Turtles), Botecelli and Cellini, is intimidating. How does one city manifest so many creative geniuses? That doesn’t even begin to take into account the literati and musicians from the area, which is a whole other topic! (Or 2 or 3)

Anyway, while walking through the city, I decided to take some photos of some of the art that I observed on street corners, streets, etc. I realize some of the photos didn’t come out so well because of the glare on the glass. The point is not the content of the art, but that it is there. I wonder how many people walk by and never notice that these things exist?

Most of you know that I am an art collector myself, and that currently all of my art is being stored. Less you worry that I am being deprived of anything in my current apartment, "on contrar!" I have included some photos of art work in my Italian apartment, which you will notice is very consistent with the theme of my personal collection.....women! Isn’t that a coincidence?

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