Friday, March 2, 2007

The FInal Half of the Goodbye Tour

My weekend in San Francisco with Will was wonderful. I arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we went to the Top of the Mark for cocktails. Will had made reservations at a fabulous restaurant, so we went there for dinner.

Sunday we spent walking, visiting the Ferry building, shopping, drinking, and eating all over San Francisco. The weather was warm and beautiful. We spent time in North Beach, where I managed to fall on the sidewalk, massively bruising both of my knees and mortifying Will, and had dinner at an Asian Fusion restaurant called, Betelnut.

On Monday, Will had to work, so I slept in, walked down to the Embarcadero, and had lunch at the Slanted Door, which was excellent, but extremely over priced, and then met Will at the San Francisco Modern Art Museum. Frankly, it was a disappointment. I had expected it to be of the same caliber as NYC or Chicago, but it was not at all. Strange!

I had hopedto meet my new pen pal, Remmel (Randy’s AR Mulberry Ski Club buddy) in San Fran while I was there, but unfortunately he could not work it out to get there from Lake Tahoe.. Maybe next time, huh Remmel?

My last weekend was spent in Ft. Lauderdale. Beautiful weather, fantastic food, motorcycle rides, fun in the sun, and that’s all I am going to say. The perfect sendoff. The rest is for the "dish list". Ciao Bella!

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