Friday, March 23, 2007


Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, but it puts ice cream to shame. There are shops every block with beautiful colors and flavors. My problem with gelato is that many of the flavors are made with eggs, which I am allergic to. Thankfully, this causes me not to eat it very often, for fear of getting a flavor with egg. There are many fruit flavors, but you know what I say...."Fruit is for children".

When selecting gelato, I have learned that the shop with the best reputation in all of Italy is around the corner from where I live. Look in the guidebooks! It is called Bar Vivoli. This is dangerous. There are usually huge crowds around, so that helps with the temptation. I have also learned that when selecting gelato, buy only from vendors whose containers are aluminum. This signifies that the gelato is made on the premises, while the white plastic containers mean that it is mass produced off site.

You can get gelato in a cup or a cone, and it ranges in price from 1.50 euro to 5 euro! I stick to the smallest size available which is thick and creamy and so rich it will make you kick your Granny!

The proper way to buy gelato is to pay for it first and then take your receipt to the counter and tell them what flavor you want. The flavors all are exotic sounding like:
Cioccolatta- Chocolate
Striaccalette- Chocolate Chip
Caffe’ -Coffee
Noccioli- Hazelnut
Aranciotti al Cioccolatta- Chocolate with Orange
Cioccolatta Ricci -Chocolate with Chocolate Chips
Crema All’ arancio- Orange Cream
Riso -Rice pudding
Limoncilla all crema -Lemon Cream
Ananas -Pineapple
Pera al Caramello -Pear with Caramel
Banane- Banana
Mandarino -Mandarin Orange
Limone -Lemon
Fragole -Strawberry
Arancio -Orange
Crema Caramel -Cream Caramel
Straccatelli alla menta -Mint Chocolate Chip

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