Saturday, March 24, 2007

La Passeggiata Does Not Disappoint

You know all about La Passeggiata (see previous posting) and that it is one of my favorite things. I promised to let you know if I met anyone interesting, well I did.

First, there is Enrico and he is from Sienna, a small Tuscan town about 1 hour from here. He moved to Florence about 4 years ago because there are more jobs here. He speaks English very well, and learned from talking to tourists. We met in front of the Palazzo Vecchio one evening at about 8 p.m. We were both admiring the piazza, and taking in the sites.

Enrico is easy to notice because he is 6 ft 5 inches. Yes, tall, dark and handsome. Another thing about la passeggiata is that everyone is assessed by the skill of fare bella figura ("looking good"). Enrico has that down to a fine art.

He and I strolled all over Florence, had coffee and wine and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Dish list subscribers stay tuned!

Next, there was Raffaele. Odd thing is, I met Raffaele when I was in Florence October of 2005. Don’t you think that is weird! I mean Florence is small, but.....

Raffaele is a leather importer and has actually been to Nashville. The two things he remembered were the Batman building and The Bound’ry. Imagine that! He said he also bought some cowboy boots there. Go figure.

Raffaele is exactly what you would think an Italian businessman looks like. Armani suits and overcoats, Gucci sunglasses, Ferragamo get the picture. He actually lives in Fiesole, which is about 5 miles outside of Florence in the countryside. I am hoping in one of those beautiful Italian Villas that I admired on the way to Piazzele Michelangelo!

Anyway, the Firenze date is consistent (at least with these two) Strolling all over the beautiful city and along the river, wine, coffee etc. etc...........................................................

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Greg Lacy said...

Hi Karen! Cindy and I are checking out your blog and all of your great stories. Thanks for the postcard and for sharing your "dream come true" on the blog. We are going to try real hard to see you this year. Take care Karen.