Friday, March 2, 2007

How is this going to affect me? (Better known as What's in it for me)

Those of us who have invested a large part of our lives in management of people, know and understand that a big part of people management, communication, motivation, and getting things done, is presenting things to people with a clear explanation, of what’s in it for them. Everyone wants to know how any change will affect them. It was no different when I started to tell people about my decision to take a leave of absence and move to Italy. I didn’t try to "manage" any of you around this, and I know many of you are still contemplating what’s in it for you and aren’t I selfish for doing this to you?

Here are some of the thoughts that I saw running through peoples heads as they appeared on their faces:

1. Who the hell is going to do her job?
2. Who is going to be my new boss?
3. Who will I get to drink/travel/party/gossip/vent with now?
4. Who is going to say what everybody else is thinking?
5. How will I get money?
6. How will I get in touch with you if I need something?
7. Who is going to pick the restaurants for the DRG meetings?
8. Where will we crash when we go downtown?
9. When will I get to see you?
10. What the hell are you thinking?

You know who you are and which one applies to you. No matter what your thoughts were, or how they have evolved you all responded outwardly with support and admiration. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I immediately thought, "Wow, she's my new hero"! I still think that. Enjoy life. It's what it's for!