Monday, March 12, 2007

Doing Laundry! UGGHHH!

I am sure it’s no secret that doing laundry is not my favorite thing. No, I know it’s not anybodies favorite thing, but when I am talking about me, well......I take everything except underwear and towels to the dry cleaners. At least I used to. I am not sure dry cleaners exist here. I know they must, but on my current budget, they aren’t a possibility.

I am fortunate to have a washer in my apartment. No dryer though. I think because of the space, and the electricity they use, they are considered too much of a luxury. Many don’t have washing machines, and there are laundry mats in the city. I haven’t used one of those since college, so thankfully, I don’t have to revert that far back! This laundry experience is really something else though. First of all, the washer is smaller than a dishwasher! I haven’t put the "load capacity" to the test yet, and try to do small loads relatively often. (You’ll know why soon).

The washer loads from the top and has a "basket" inside to put the clothes into. Once the clothes are in, the basket closes into a round cylinder. The first time I used it, I forgot to close the cylinder and you would not believe the awful noise that it made! Not to mention that the washer was lurching across the floor! Clearly for such a small machine only a small amount of water is needed (more conservation efforts), and a small amount of detergent.

Once the laundry is done, then comes the fun part! (That is sarcasm!) I get to hang the clothes from some clothes lines from the back windows of my apartment in an alley! Since I am on the fourth floor, I have to lean from the window to do this. The first time I did it, I of course dropped something, which I still cannot figure out how to retrieve. It must not be possible since the alley has a variety of clothing items on the ground! Thankfully, it was a sock and not something critical or embarrassing. I guess this is what happens to socks in Italy since there are no dryers to eat them!

There are 3 clothes lines about 3 feet long under one window. The other window has a fancy line with a pulley on it! Hey remember those wooden clothes pins? They still exist!. There are also fancy plastic ones in different colors. All these came with the apartment!

Photos are included, lest you doubt my ability as a "wash woman".

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Amy Corbett said...

Your description of washing reminds me of an old LUCY episode, especially when the washer was moving across the floor! And, I knew those wooden clothes pins still exist because I use them to close open chip bags, etc. in my pantry.