Thursday, March 8, 2007

Meeting Mirko Michele

Door to my apartment on left, Mirko's shop on right
The "Karen" jacket
Yesterday, as I was unlocking the door into my building, a man standing next to the leather shop next door said "Buon Giorno!" I looked over at him and said Buon Giorno and he started speaking in Italian. I smiled and said, "No parla Italiano. Parli Inglese?" He immediately converted to English saying "So you are a new neighbor?"

I told him that I was and that I was planning to be here for a year. He owns the shop below my apartment and his apartment is directly over it. All of the leather in his shop is handmade there at the shop. They have jackets, purses, belts, etc. Florence is famous for their leather products, and the Santa Croce area where I live has leather artisan shops everywhere!

His name is Mirko Michele, and when I told him my name, he looked puzzled and asked for the spelling. He showed me a jacket in the window which is named Karen. Imagine that!


Amy Corbett said...

Hey - I found you a "Karen" jacket in NY! Is the italian version as clearly YOU as the NY version? I bet not.

Karen said...

The American "Karen" jacket is much less subdued than the Italian one. Go figure!