Friday, October 26, 2007

The Carousel

There is a beautiful antique carousel that stands in the Piazza della Republica just below the arch. It was here when I arrived in February, but by May, it vanished. When I asked where it had gone of one of the locals, he told me it went to the beach in the summer.

Last week, when I returned from the United States and was taking a walk to assure myself everything was as it should be, the carousel had returned, from it’s "summer vacation".

I have not been on the carousel, but hope to before I leave. I remember when I was a child in Nashville, there was a department store that had a carousel in it’s basement. My grandmother would take me into town on the bus for a day of shopping and lunch, and a ride on the carousel. When I see that carousel, it reminds me of that.

From what I understand, the carousel is owned by the Picci family, who is now in it’s 5th generation. The carousel is made of wood and has been around since the early 20th century, and has been fully restored. It is not very big, but elegant and beautiful and has scenes from different Italian cities painted around the canopy on the outside.

I sit on the benches outside the carousel almost everyday and watch it go around and the children holding on for dear life or screaming for their "Nonna". Watch for photos of me when I finally ride the carousel myself!

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Anonymous said...

You are already on the carousel of life, it goes around and around and has it's up and downs, accompanied by the music of your heart! questions is which animal are you riding?