Monday, October 29, 2007

Making It All Real

I have said a few times before that when friends visit, it makes this fairytale that I am living more “real”, and in a good way. There have been so many things, that I have seen and experienced and laughed and cried over, and being here alone to experience most of them, I sometimes wonder at my judgement, (or sanity) with all of these things I experience.

I delight in the most simple things here, as well as the extravagant beauty and everyday living, and I wonder if my love for this place has clouded my perspective.

When friends come who I have known and trusted for years and years and confirm the beauty and wonder of it all, and marvel at this place in their own way, it is validating and rewarding in a way that I can’t even explain.

Greg and Cindy visited me this past weekend. They had a rough trip here with mechanical delays and flight changes. They had been to Florence before, so coming again just to see me was really special. They arrived late on Friday evening, but most things were in full swing and we had dinner, and drinks on the Piazza.

On Saturday, they came to visit my apartment and my neighborhood in Santa Croce. It’s the “tourist site” I always recommend that people sometimes overlook, but is a beautiful and interesting place. Here we are on the steps of Santa Croce (Greg and I) and Cindy and Greg in the Piazza, which I call home.

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