Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going Full Circle

The weather has been fabulous here and I have commented on it often. Now Autumn is here, and the rain, which was sorely lacking for 6-7 months has come. I am painting now, because of it, and that’s as it should be. I know what is out there in the city, and can be content in my apartment on a rainy day, listening to music, studying the language (piu e sempre), painting, and cooking a pot of soup.

It’s chilly and damp in the streets, the bone chilling dampness that was here when I arrived. In March, there were days that I just could not get warm. I layered my clothes, took hot baths, wrapped in blankets, but the concrete surrounding me, in my apartment (plaster and tiles) in the streets, (cobblestones and block palaces) seeped into my bones and joints.

I am welcoming it now as I wind up my days here. The crowds have lessened, the wind is chilled, the rain has come, the carousel on Piazza della Republica has returned from it’s summer at the beach, the harvest moon shines behind the Palazzo Vecchio and on Piazza della Signoria in a mystical way through the misty fog at night, and I still walk in wonder at the beauty around me.

I try not to be too nostalgic, sad, or melancholy as my time winds up. Who can believe all that I have seen, done, and experienced? What a gift I have given to myself. .

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Anonymous said...

Not only have you given yourself a gift, but also those of us who have followed your blog. Karen, you have also given the gift of yourself, and insight of how you think and feel, we have experienced, tasted (even tried out the recipes), laughed and shed a tear or two. You have also shared Florence, your knowledge (places and people)with those of us lucky enough to have visited you, so you see the gift just keeps on giving!

Ciao Linda