Monday, October 22, 2007

Mix n' Mash

Nick's White Crop Design
Nick's Metal Jacket Design

Will and Nick

DJ "Dummy"

Will, Me and Nick

Will, Me, and Brad

Mr. and Mrs. DJ Dummy

This Spring, my son Nick who is a student of Fashion Design at the International Academy of Art and Design in Tampa, won a design competition sponsored by Red Bull at his school. The competition prize was to be included in a Fashion Show during Miami’s Fashion Week, showing 7 designs from the team (Nick’s team was only he and another male student). The show was called Mix n’ Mash. Red Bull had also gathered the support of 4 Miami dj’s to work with the students in the production and design concept. Basically, the competition was from sketch to show. Nick and his team member, Cedric sketched, designed, chose fabric, and actually made 7 outfits for the show.

They were also responsible with the help of the DJ, the music, and production for the models during the show. Prior to the show, they had a professional photo shoot in Tampa for a limo company using the models and designs of Nick and Cedric.

Nick specializes in male fashion, and was able to design the 3 male models clothing, and Cedric designed the women’s. The show was held on South Beach at the Plaza Theater

It was a real surprise when I was putting the interviews on my calendar to discover that the show was on the weekend that I was in the States. It was the highlight of the trip! Although traveling from Florence to Cleveland, to Miami, to Nashville, back to Cleveland and then Florence was strenuous, it was worth it!
I got to have a preview in Nick’s rooms of the garments that he had designed and made, but didn’t get to see a lot of Nick that afternoon. They had to prepare the garments and accessories, and to make sure the models were dressed properly with the right make-up and were "stage ready".

Before the show, I went to dinner at Joe’s Stone Crabs in South Beach with Will, who had also come in for Nick’s show, and with his friend Brad. You know I love being surrounded by beautiful young men (even if they are my sons and their friends). Will just took a new job with Hewlett-Packard, and his friend Brad works for Accenture. (Not only good looking, but smart, and very gainfully employed!)

Here are some photos of me and "the boys" and of Nick’s fashions. What a fabulous time! Could I be any more proud?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, how proud you must have been. I just watched the video, you must have been glowing. I was just sitting her in my armchair. Must say you must have head turning out with 3 such handsome guys. There's many of us that are jealous!!! Could we rent them for functions, to make people's heads turn????