Saturday, October 20, 2007

Out of My World, Out of My Mind

This week, I entered the Twilight Zone. I cannot even begin to describe after 18 hours on a plane from Florence, what it felt like to be sitting in Cleveland, in a corporate office the next day. It was an "out of body" surreal experience.

I am looking at the building which is modern and made of glass and concrete, riding in a car down wide streets with no side walks, and everywhere around me people are speaking English. I was offered an espresso from a machine, and had lunch in a "cafeteria". I was dressed as I haven’t been in a while, but did manage to wear my Italian leather boots for some reassurance that I hadn’t left everything behind.

Isn’t it odd how something that has been in your life for so long can seem so "foreign" after a short period of time. I have redefined my world, or maybe found the definition of "my world" and now, I am preparing to return to "the other". What a challenge! The second part of my adventure to "live somewhere else, and do something different." I wonder what this segment holds for me?

For those of you who know me well, I have relinquished all "control" of my life right now, and I am "going with the flow". Believe it or not.

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