Friday, October 19, 2007


It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. Epicurus

During my time in Cleveland this week, I was lucky to have Robert and Lisa there to help. Robert and Lisa had visited me recently in Florence, and we knew that I would be in Cleveland soon for interviewing. When the dates were scheduled, I let them know and they graciously offered their guest room. Not only that, but because I had lost my license this summer, they also "carted" me around like a child.

I am certain this was not so convenient for them, but am so thankful that they were willing to do this. First of all, I was having a lot of stress about transportation once I figured out I couldn’t rent a car without a physical license. In Florence, I don’t drive, so it had not been a huge ordeal not to have one. Of course, there was nothing so easy as on line drivers license replacement in Tennessee, so I was without. Lisa assured me they would transport me, and they did. This was not always an easy task with the schedule I was keeping.

Additionally, this was a tough week. Tough being away from Florence, back in the States getting ready to "re-enter" the workforce, and interviewing for some pretty big positions. An 18 hour flight and many interviews in 3 days is tough. Having Robert and Lisa to "come home to" really made things better. I can’t even imagine returning to a hotel room after all of that.

In the evenings, we visited a couple of their favorite wine bars, cooked a meal at home, and went out for dinner. Robert patiently listened to all of our "Progressive talk" and Lisa helped me so much think through and format my thoughts on a project plan for one of the interviews.

During this week, I am so thankful for what Lisa and Robert did for me. I also must say that the prior week while preparing for interviews, I called on so many co workers and friends for information and discussions about the interview process and content, that I cannot even begin to thank you all, but I will try. I was overwhelmed at the help that you offered and the time that you were willing to spend with me on the phone, or in writing. So, a huge heartfelt and overwhelmingly sentimental thank you to: Robert and Lisa Prisco, Rusty Beaty, Alysia Burns, Erika Bachrach, Eric Francis, Eric Gressman, Doug Gray, Kenny Teaster, Jim Ward, Matt Rohden, Ken Walker, Randy McChristian, Kevin Yoo, Connie Mang, and to all of you "well wishers" that sent me notes of encouragement: Linda Ruffolo, Matt Thornton, Michele Shotts, Cathy Dempsey, Greg Lacy, Nicole Rivera, and God help me....whoever else that I left off the list. I appreciate you all.

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