Friday, October 19, 2007


Inspiration is an odd thing that comes of it’s own accord. Since moving to Florence, I have had no problems thinking of things to write on my blog. My imagination is active and I wonder at all that is around me and want to share it and keep it forever in writing to remember. Of course, since I am not working, I have plenty of time to think in an abstract, philosophical way, and to ponder those thoughts in writing.

In "the other world" of working, social engagements, not so much architectural beauty, and art, and the "awe" is limited to "Oh boy, we are getting a Walmart!" Inspiration doesn’t come so easily for me.

I did find some sources of inspiration though, this week in the kindness of friends, the pride of motherhood, the support of parents, and the encouragement of co workers. I’ll share them here in the next few days.

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