Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Changes in Class (Month 2)

Today began the first day of the 5th week of my Italian classes. There were some big changes in the make up of the class! We had our second test on Friday, and I am pleased to say that I made an 89. After my trip to Venice, where I had to speak a lot of Italian during my travels, I decided that the pressure was really off around the test in school. I felt that the real test was being out in Italy, speaking the language and getting by, and at that point in time, I was passing. So, I still studied hard for the test, and even though I was less secure about the material this time, managed to increase my score over last time.

To my amazement, today, the class was totally different. Two of the people finished their studies and went home. Five of the students, all of the Japanese folks, decided to "retake" the level 2 course. Now this amazed me because most of them did as well, or better than me on the test, but I guess they lack confidence in the material, as I do. I decided to move ahead however because I am planning to study for 5 more months.

This morning, we started the grammar section of the class with 5 people. All women, who had been in the class previously. I am still the only American, there is one woman from Denmark, one from Switzerland, and 2 from Germany. After grammar class, we had our usual break, but when we returned, we had several new additions to the class! The class now has 9 women and 1 man. The average age is about 40, which is great! There are: 1 American (me), 2 Canadians (1 French and 1 English speaking), 2 Swiss, 1 Dane (Denmark) 1 Mexican, and 4 Germans. It is very interesting because the new additions to the class, have had previously Italian courses, and tested into this level. I also have a new conversation teacher, whose name is Fiore and she is from Rome.

The book that we use for this level is much different than the prior 2 books. It actually looks like a text book, and it seems the leap between level 2 and 3 is a big one! I am excited! It seems that every two weeks, the class will change at this point. Many people come for only 2 weeks, a few for 1 month, and fewer still for 3 months. Since I am enrolled in the 6 month course, I will see a lot of people come and go. Regine, my German friend, started the class with me, and will be here for 2 more months. Here is a photo of she and I at Cinque Terra.

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