Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meeting New Friends

The Neptune Fountain

Ponte Vecchio at Sunset
Ponte Vecchio
I have had such a fun time writing this blog. There are so many things that happen to me, and so much to tell, I am never at a loss for words.....only the right ones that can make the experiences that I have come alive for you as well. I feel that the words and the photos are often lacking to fully describe my experiences here. Even so, you are all very kind and I love hearing from you about the stories that you like, and especially when you put comments on the site for others to see.

Lately, the site seems to be taking on a life of it’s own, and providing me with opportunities to meet many people that I might never encounter. Some of you pass the website address along to others who might be visiting Italy, or who just might be interested in some of the stories. Recently, I met two couples who were visiting Florence, and had read my website.

I won’t name their names, but they know who they are....... We met at The Neptune Fountain, my favorite meeting spot, and then went for a bottle of wine and "fare chiacchiere" (chat) about my experiences, and theirs in Florence. This is definitely a delightfully surprising unexpected outcome of the site, so I hope that if you are in Florence, or someone you know, that we can meet, drink vino, and compare notes!

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