Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Hot" Hair for Hot Weather

Okay, so I have been letting my hair grow for years, and it was at it’s longest since I was 16. Still not long, but longer than my usual. When I went to Rome, it was very hot, and I decided then and there to get it cut. My lifestyle in Florence does not support using a lot of hair products, a hair dryer, and a flat iron. Being outside, walking everywhere with the beautiful sunshine and breezes, it is always a mess anyway.

I called Simone and made my appointment....all in Italian this time. "Io voglio fare unappuntomento per capelli taglio con Simone, Venerdi, Maggio 11 at 3". This all sounded great, and the man on the other end of the line asked my name...Karen Mills, I said. Well, this sounds really funny stuck between all that Italian. Anyway, the appointment was made during the time Kelly and Mom were visiting. I hoped to find some photos of what I was going for rather than have to explain it in Italian to Simone.

One of the things I had asked Mom and Kelly to bring was American magazines. I can get them here, but because they are imported, they are very expensive. I am talking 15 euro each, which is about 22 dollars! I can get all the Italian magazines for more reasonable prices, but reading is still difficult for me, so I just do without.

Mom and Kelly came through with the magazines and I went in to see Simone armed with a photo of Mia Farrow. He did a wonderful job, and I feel very "sassy" with my new cut, and oh so European. No fuss, no muss. .

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