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In Case You Think I'm "Goofing Off"

In the event that some of you doubt my dedication to studying the language, I am including my presentation on Tennessee for your review. It took me so many hours to do this, you would not believe! I know it sounds like a 3rd grader, which is probably the equivalent level of my Italian language ability. I wrote the report in English first, then translated it. There is a slide show of photographs that go with it, and as soon as I figure out how to post them, I will.

The class currently consists of 4 Japanese, 1 Korean, 1 Austrian, 2 Mexicans, 1 other American (a young girl who is getting her master's degree in opera from Julliard! She needs to learn more about the language for the lyrics....I think that is so cool.....she sang for us today and it was bellisimo!) Anyway, everyone thought it was interesting and had fun guessing the people.

If you know anyone who speaks Italian, and you show this to them, they will find many,many errors with articles and prepositions. I have determined that the reason that Italians talk so fast is because if they want to say the same thing in the same amount of time, there are a lot more words to say because of the number of syllables, articles, and they have to talk fast to get it all in in the same amount of time. My teachers assure me that articles and prepositions are one of the hardest things to learn and that this is normal. It is highly frustrating though! you go.


Tennessee is in the south in the United States. Tennessee is surrounded by 9 other states: Kentucky and Virginia are North, North Carolina to the East, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi are South and Arkansas and Missouri are to the West.

Tennessee was admitted to the United States in 1796 and is the 16th state. There are 6 million people living in Tennessee.

The climate is humid sub tropical. In the winter, temperatures range from 0-15 and in summer 15-31.

There are 3 regions in Tennessee. East Tennessee, West Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. Each region has one major city. In East Tennessee, Knoxville is the largest city. The Great Smoky Mountains are on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited parks in the country. You can hike, fish, ski, camp and view the beautiful panorama there.

In Middle Tennessee, Nashville is the largest city and it is the largest city in Tennessee. Nashville has 500,000 people. Nashville has a beautiful skyline and it is very famous for country music. There are many recording studios, musicians and live music there. There are also a lot of famous people who live in Nashville.

You can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, or the Parthenon, which is an exact replica of the parthenon in Athens, Greece. It was built for the cities 100 year anniversary. It is located in a park in downtown Nashville, called Centennial Park.

Memphis is in West Tennessee. Memphis is on the border of Tennessee and Arkansas, and the Mississippi River. Memphis is also famous for music. It has many famous blues clubs and Elvis Presley lived there in Graceland.

Tennessee has several professional sports teams:

American Football Tennessee Titans
Hockey Nashville Predators
Baseball Nashville Sounds, Memphis Redbirds

Do you know who these famous people are from Tennessee? Guess.

Elvis Presley
Reese Witherspoon
Tina Turner
Al Gore
Andrew Jackson
Quentin Tarantino

Other famous Tennessee things:

1. Jack Daniels Whiskey
2. Tennessee Walking Horses
3. Dolly Parton

These are the State Symbols:

1. State Flag
2. State Flower
3. State Bird
4. State Song

Il Tennessee

Il Tennessee e’ nel sud degli Stati Uniti. Tennessee e’ circondato da 8 (otto) altri stati. Kentucky e Virginia ci sono nord, North Carolina e’ est, Georgia, Alabama, e Mississippi ci sono sud, e Arkansas e Missouri ci sono ovest.

Il Tennessee e’ stato uniti con Stati Uniti in 1796 (mille sete cento novantaseis) e e’ il sedicesimo stato. Ci sono sei milioni personi loro abitanno in Il Tennessee.

Il clima e’ umido sub tropicale. In l’inverno, la temperatura variae da 0 a 15. In l’estate’ la temperatura varia da 15 a 31.

Ci sono tre regioni in Tennessee. Est Tennessee, Ovest Tennessee, e Centrale Tennessee. Ogni regioni hanno un citta’ maggiore. In est Tennessee, Knoxville e’ un grande citta’. The Great Smoky Mountains ci sono bordo North Carolina. Il parco, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, e’ un piu visitati in il paese. Voi potete fare camminate, pescare, sciare, accamparsi, e vedete il panorama nel parco.

In Centrale Tennessee, Nashville e’ un grande citta’. Anche e’ piu grande citta’ in Tennessee. Nashville ha cinque cento mille personi. Nashville ha uno profilio il cielo. E’ molti famosi per la musica della compagnia (Country Music). Ci sono molti sala di registrizione, i musicisti, y la musica del vivo.

Ci sono molti personi famosi hanno abbitanno in Nashville. Voi potete visitete al Country Music Hall of Fame, il museo, o il Parthenon. Il Parthenon e’ esatto replicato di Parthenon in Atenes a Grecia. E’stato construire per la centisimo anniversario di Tennessee. E’ situato in el parco in mezzo di citta’. E’ chiama, Centennial Park.

Memphis e’ in ovest Tennessee. Memphis e bordo Arkansas e il fuime Mississippi. Memphis e’ famosi per la musica anche. Ci sono molti blues organizati dove voi potete senteti la musica. Elvis Presley e’ abitato in Memphis al Graceland.

Tennessee ha parecchi professionali squadri:

1. American futbol Tennessee Titans
2. Hockey Nashville Predators
3. Baseball Nashville Sounds, Memphis Redbirds

Voi conoscete questi personi famosi? Indovini!

1. Elvis Presley
2. Reese Witherspoon
3. Tina Turner
4. Al Gore
5. Andrew Jackson-7th president
6. Quentin Tarantino

Altra famosi cosie di Il Tennessee:

1. Jack Daniels
2. Tennessee Walking Horses
3. Dolly Parton
Questo sono di Simbolo di Il Tennessee
1. Bandiero di Stato
2. Fiore di Stato
3. Ucello di Stato
4. Canzone di Stato

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