Friday, May 4, 2007

Dazed and Confused

Ok, so I am not my usual "in control" self. What’s wrong with that? Just because I feel constantly I am living in a foreign country and everyone is speaking a foreign language, what’s the big deal?

Today is a big Italian Holiday. I thought that the celebration was yesterday and that school was closed. I had not planned to go to school yesterday because I thought this, but ended up being stranded in Venice. Today I got up and got dressed and walked to school. I was the only person on the street and everything was closed. When I got to school, all the doors were locked. So, I figured it out and came home with a whole free morning. Well, not really. I need to do all the schoolwork that the class probably did yesterday while I wasn’t there.

Oh well, being confused and out of control feels weird and scary, and sometimes it is fun, but a lot of the time it is nerve-racking for me, and makes me very uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

So you allowed a stranger to take you to a garden, one who can't keep his hands to himself at that, and then you miss class. You are a very naughty girl!

Karen said...

Well.....we already knew that, didn't we? Thanks for reading. Ciao! Karen