Friday, May 11, 2007

When A House Becomes A Home

After two months here, I can honestly say that my apartment feels like "home". When I moved to Nashville, it took over 9 months for my townhouse to feel that way. It’s true that I probably wasn’t there those first 9 months for the number of nights that I have been here in only two because of my travel schedule. Also, after not really having a "home" for the 6 weeks between selling my house and moving here, I was desperate for my own space. After Nick and Will visited, it really started to take shape.

I love the location of my apartment and all 450 square feet! It is the perfect size, and I have added just enough personal touches to make it really feel like mine (at least for the time being). Like any good Italian kitchen, I have my herbs, and today I bought some house plants. They are violets that remind me of my Mamaw who had them covering the back room of her tiny house. She was always able to pinch off a leaf, put it in water, and roots would form, so that she could plant another one. While I was in college, I tried this, but the leaf always rotted in the water. When I asked her why and what to do, she said that I must pinch the leaf on the full moon! I didn’t laugh, because the proof was in all the plants that she had, but I never did try it.
A home is still not quite the same without a cat. This is the first time since I was 5, and my Dad brought home "Daisy", a yellow stray cat that he found at the lake, that I have lived "catless". Nick sent me photos of two of my cats (Edgar and Skittles) (the ones that I insisted that he keep since they are ornery and can’t get along well with most people) and I cried for days. I don’t keep the photos out because I can’t cope. I am posting them for you, and if you are a cat lover, and maybe even if you aren’t, you will see why.

My other two cats (McGee and Vincent) are with my brother and sister-in-law, and they are so happy there, that although I miss them, I know they are happy and thriving. Candles and pillows and art, and books and a sense of tranquillity, peace, happiness, and safety along with the memories I am making when friends and family visit are what make this my home.

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I will have pictures of the other two cats when we visit. Maybe I will tuck McGee into my suitcase!