Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cowboys, Egyptians, and Italians

Linda and I have missed our "girls weekends" when she would come to Nashville, and we would dress to the 9's and hit the cowboy bars. We always had fun with dinner, drinks, and dancing, and we expected her trip to Florence to be no different, and we were right! Well . . . there were some differences.

Two red headed women in Florence are all that the city can handle! We didn’t get arrested, but did border on "trouble." During the day we spent time going to the culture events, and in the evenings, it was pure decadent pleasure! We kept to my schedule of the afternoon nap in order to make the most of our evenings, and we did!

Just like school girls, we got ready in the evenings with wine in hand, and headed out for an appertivo. We drank wine instead of vodka. We listened to music at the various venues in Florence, classical, opera, and rock . . . but no country, and had late dinners followed by an encounter with an Egyptian man I have been seeing. "Slowly", an after hours bar (for grown ups) has an extraordinary bartender named, Luca, who filled our wine glasses on the house when they were empty. The evening was topped off with a visit to Piazzele Michelangelo, and grilled cheese in my kitchen at 3:00 a.m. just like the old days! In the mornings, well very late in the morning, we laid in bed and talked about "HBS", and other equally inappropriate topics and laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks.

Other evening adventures included very interesting discussions with Simone and Ceaserai, about how to chose women by the shoes they wear, watching "the wino" pee on the Hercules statue, drinking a bottle of wine at night while listening to music in Piazza della Signoria, meeting Asa from Kosovo, a mischievous streak when I was going to let the air out of Francesco’s bicycle tires, and he looked out the window from the hotel were he works to wave at us, and meeting Giorgio, who asked both of us to marry him and refused to take no for an answer, and finally "Finding Memo".

What a blast!!!

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So whom is this Luca character? I want "details"...LOL! Glad you and Linda had such a great time...I am still envious and want to return!