Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Santa Croce

Tomb of Leonardo Da Vinci

Tomb of Michelangelo

Santa Croce is the name of the church and the area where I live. I think that Santa Croce is the most beautiful and interesting church in Florence.

The church is gothic style and was built in 1294. The most interesting thing about it is the fact that many famous Florentines are buried there, for example: Michelangelo, Galileo, Dante, Donatello, and Machiavelli, to name a few.

The tombs are beautiful, and of course my favorite is Michelangelo’s who has sculpted figures of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture on top of it.
There is a lovely cloister, which was designed by Brunelleschi in 1420 and it has Luca della Robbia terra cotta roundels of the Apostles.

I think many people overlook Santa Croce, because it is not on the beaten path of the tourists. The piazza is a great place to people watch and is particularly appealing in the Fall and Winter because it absorbs the sun beautifully and stays warm.

The buildings and restaurants in the piazza are also important. There are frescoes and enotecas all around, and the night life in this area is unbeatable in Florence.

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