Thursday, August 23, 2007

Walking to School in the Rain

Today, August 23, 2007, is the first day since April that I had to walk to school in the rain! Isn’t that amazing? I think the weather this summer in Florence has been a little unusual, even though it is not usually very rainy, this summer it has hardly rained at all causing drought conditions.

This week, it has rained every day, and for a person who enjoys change, it was welcome. I never realized how much I lived by the motto "Make hay when the sunshines". I guess in my "normal" life, it doesn’t matter much, because I don’t have time to do many things outside. Since I have been here, my mentality has been that if the sun is shining(or the weather nice), I will be out and about in the city. Because the weather is always nice, this has caused me to be a little manic, and I hardly ever spend any time in my apartment, painting, reading, cleaning, watching movies, and all those other "rainy day" activities.

That’s fine by me, because you can do those things any time, right?

The thing that I thought was interesting is that even though it was pouring rain, I still thoroughly enjoyed my walk to school in the rain. Florence is beautiful in the rain, it can’t be masked and the tourists slept in! The city was quiet, gray, and oh so romantic.

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