Thursday, August 16, 2007

Old Friends in New Places

It is so much fun to have visitors in Florence. Whenever I have lived somewhere new, I always want to share the joy of where I live with the others I care about. It has been so easy in Florence!

I have made many new friends here, but nothing beats the old friends who know me personally and professionally. They know my personality, my family, my quirks, my habits, and they still like me.....go figure.

Amy and I travel together often, but have never been to Florence together. I have traveled with Amy and her sister Cheryl to NYC a few times, so it has been a real pleasure having them here to visit. We are all "foodies", and Florence is an excellent places to exercise that vice.

Cheryl had visited Florence last summer and located an excellent restaurant called Garga. I had not been there before, so for their first night here, we went. Of course, I had to take them to the bridge to show them the sunset first! We had Pasta "magnifica", Risotto with asparagus, Veal and avocado, and chicken with tomatoes and basil, which was superb. I don’t even have to tell you that we drank lots of wine do I? The meal and the restaurant were very fun and enjoyable, and met all of the accolades that Cheryl had given it previously.

Afterwards, we shared a bottle of prosecco in Piazza della Republica while watching many people make fools of themselves. In particular was one couple, who we found very entertaining. The woman thought she was Paris Hilton, and I am not sure who the man thought he was, but they entertained the entire crowd by dancing with each other and themselves. We started speculating and came to the conclusion that they worked for the restaurant and were there to bring out the worst in people and gather a crowd in the restaurant.

I am having fun showing off "behind the scenes" of Florence!

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