Monday, August 6, 2007

Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito is on the Oltrarno side of the river, or the side that is not so "touristy". I have started spending more time there because it is easier to speak Italian because most Florentines live in this area. Most tourists stay in central Florence, leaving that side of the city where Florentines actually live, pretty tourist free, particularly at night.

While Regine was here, we went to the piazza one evening to listen to music. The piazza is large like most of them in Florence, and the beautiful little church of Santo Spirito is at one end. There are bars and restaurants around the sides, and at the other end a stage. In the center there is a fountain, and they have a bar which sells drinks and table service also.
Regine and I bought some wine and sat down on a bench near the stage. The weather in the evening in Florence is magnificent. There are 20 degree temperature changes between the daytime and evening, making every evening "spring like" at around 68-72 degrees. Sometimes you need a sweater, and it is August!

This night, there was traditional Italian folk music which is always fun. There were two guitar players and an accordion player. Regine’s father played the accordion so she was familiar with many of the tunes. We met a woman on the piazza who spoke Italian very well, she was from Armenia, but had lived in Florence for years.

After much wine and music, I was hungry and ordered a pizza "per portare via". (Take away) and ate it on the piazza.

The Santo Spirito area is one that you might overlook as a tourist, but if you come to visit, I will make sure you get a taste of it! Bellisima.

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