Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Every Thing's Not Perfect

In the event that you have read my blog and think that everything is perfect here in Florence, I just wanted to set the record straight. It’s not. Even through these "rose colored glasses" some things are just aggravating. Not necessarily for me, but for a lot of people, especially Americans. For example:

1. The grocery store runs out of things regularly
2. There are long lines in the grocery and they don’t care
3. The stores aren’t open at all times of the day and night
4. Electricity and everything else is expensive.
5. It is hard to walk on the sidewalks because they are narrow, and the roads are cobblestone. You constantly have to look down.
6. The Arno is dirty
7. The city is loud
8. You always have to pay for water in restaurants
9. They never serve ice.
10. You can’t find sour cream.
11. There is horse poop on the streets
12. Sometimes the streets smell of urine because it never rains and the sewers don’t move.
13. Nothing starts "on time"
14. You always have to ask for the check in a restaurant.
15. There is no bacon and eggs for breakfast
16. The mail is unpredictable and unreliable
17. There is no parking
18. You can’t drive on many of the streets
19. There are so many tourists you can hardly breathe
20. The movie theaters close in the summer

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