Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ritorno a Firenze

The first day that I returned to Florence, even though I had traveled for 18 hours, and hauled a 78 lb. suitcase up 52 stairs, I could not wait to get to the bridge at sunset.

I spend almost every evening at this bridge, viewing the sunset, watching tourists taking dozens of photos, and taking photos myself of public displays of affection, the bridges, the sites, etc. I usually sit sideways on the edge of the bridge, causing much concern to passers by. The breezes are cool here, and the colors and light when the sunsets breathtaking

I usually go to the Ponte Santa Trinita, which crosses the Arno at Tournabouni Street. The bridge is flanked on four corners by statues representing the four seasons, and on the corner is the Palazzo now owned by Ferragamo. The view off to one side of the bridge is the Ponte Vecchio, and the view to the other side is the sunset behind the Tuscan hillside and the Ponte alla Carraia.

On this particular evening, when I returned, I met Gloria in the piazza and we went for a bite to eat, and then had to rush through the city to make it to the bridge in time for the sunset. When we arrived the bridge was very crowded and the sun was dropping. As we sat and chatted, I looked above the Ponte Vecchio and asked Gloria what that large orange thing was that looked like a moon. Well, it was the moon, and I have never seen anything so beautiful. A huge orange harvest moon in July. It rose quickly, as the sun set, and I could hardly get my camera out and take photos quickly enough.

I have so many feelings about being back in the States and now returning to Florence, that I really don’t know where to begin to sort them out and write about them. Suffice it to say, I love Florence and at this point, am not looking forward to leaving here for good.......but I will think about that another day!

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